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Chiropractic is one of the funnest professions I can imagine. I get to help people heal naturally and regain their ability to function optimally so their lives are not limited. It is a freeing experience for both doctor and patient.

Many patients have wondered aloud "why did I wait so long to see a chiropractor?"

The body's ability to heal is tremendous. I simply help unlock that healing process with precise spinal adjustments that release neural tension, dysfunction and pain.

Add to that a full-body extremity alignment and myofascial adhesion releases, when needed, and you'll feel better from head to toe. 

Life Chiropractic College West graduate 2003 summa cum laude

Advanced training in Gonstead adjusting, extremity adjusting and instrument assisted spinal adjusting with the Arthrostim.

Past Licensed Massage Therapist in Washington state

Past duathlon and trail running competitor. Avid motocross enthusiast, Braaap! 

Proudly serving the Davis community and greater Sacramento area since 2010. 

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