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Most Health Insurance Accepted including Medicare, Western Health Advantage and UC Davis SHIP plans

OFFICE HOURS: Monday 2-6pm ,Tuesday 8am-noon/2-6pm, Wednesday-Closed,

Thursday 8am-noon/3-6:30pm, Friday-Closed


Dr. Bryon Cloyd is a licensed Chiropractor in Davis, CA with an extensive background in precision spinal adjusting, massage therapy, myofascial adheasion release, trigger-point elimination, tension and migraine headache treatment, TMJ or jaw issues, sports injury care, advanced extremity treatment including plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder or impingement, clavical and rib issues, ergonomic optimization for work and home and mental stress reduction techniques. 

Dr. Cloyd creates a customized combination of therapies that achieve quick and lasting results to improve your pain and help you regain normal function.  

He is committed to providing superb natural health care to families and students of the Davis community and greater Sacramento region.

He is guided by the vision that our state of health tomorrow is built on the actions we take today.

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Whether you have pain or restricted range of motion in your jaw (TMJ), ribs, shoulder/clavical, elbow, wrist/hands, hip, knee or ankle/foot we have help for that! Dr. Cloyd's advanced training in extremity evaluation and treatment allows him to quickly distinguish between primary causes of symptoms and patterns of reactive compensation. You MUST treat the correct structures.



Dr. Cloyd has a reputation for getting great results quickly with long lasting effects. The thoroughness of his evaluation and level of precision with spinal adjustments and muscle therapy is unsurpassed.

Many patients report improvements with issues that had not responded to other types of approaches.

Most Health Insurance Accepted including Medicare, Western Health Advantage and UC Davis SHIP plans

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